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To: Editorial Board of Revista Cubana de Ciencias Forestales.

We allow ourselves to submit the article ______________________________________ for the editorial process for publication purposes and we declare:

That is unpublished.

That each one of the persons who in the same record as author or author has contributed directly to the intellectual content of the work, approves the contents of the manuscript submitted to the editorial process and agrees to have his / her name appear in the authorship of the manuscript.

That this article has not been previously published, is not in the process of being reviewed by another journal, nor is it included in another work accepted for publication by another publisher.


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Conception of the idea







Literature search and review







Instrument making







Instrument application







Compilation of information resulting from the instruments applied







Statistic analysis







Preparation of tables, graphs and images







Database preparation







General advice on the topic addressed







Drafting of the original (first version)







Review and final version of the article







Article correction







Authorship coordinator







Translation of terms or information obtained







Review of the application of the applied bibliographic standard